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Open Beta Updates: Ver. 0.1

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Open Beta Updates: Ver. 0.1 Empty Open Beta Updates: Ver. 0.1

Post by Admin Thu Jun 10, 2021 8:44 pm

Hey all!

Lynx here coming to you with a quick summary of the changes you can expect when open beta launches on June 18, compared with the second closed beta. Fact is that closed beta 2 was pretty much a trial run of the open beta client so changes are relatively small this time around.

Open Market
No more running around towns spamming in chat to find a buyer or seller to match your needs. The Open Market is here! Head over to the Market Man NPC in towns to list your items for sale or search for the perfect item to add to your inventory. The market works on a simple listing system. A seller lists their wares for a specified price and buyers can purchase on a first come first serve basis.

Weapon Enchanting Overhaul
Fueled by immense feedback, weapon enchanting has been completely overhauled and simplified. A much quicker and simpler star-based enchantment system awaits. Head over to your ever friendly neighborhood blacksmith who'll tell you what items are needed to enchant a weapon of your choice. Once you provide the blacksmith with the necessary items, your weapon will be upgraded with success set at a certain chance. This chance decreases with further upgrades. Keep posted to the dev blog for more details on this.

Guild Leveling Updates
There have been a few changes to guild progression since closed beta 2. To begin, the guild level cap has been increased from 12 to 20. Additionally, the amount of guild points required to level up by been reduced by an average of 50%. Guild character buffs will now be unlocked at even numbered levels starting at 2, while guild enhancements will be unlocked at odd numbered levels starting at 3.

Increased dungeon boss HP
The HP of ALL dungeon bosses has been increased. The team felt that boss fights could be a bit more difficult and that increasing the HP of these bosses would do the trick in balancing challenge and fun.

Dungeon AFK/Non-participation penalty
A general penalty has been added for players who are confirmed as party of a dungeon squad but don't actually participate in the conquering of that dungeon. Characters which are seen to be AFK or having little impact on progress through a dungeon will receive significantly reduced rewards from stage and dungeon completions.

Auto Potion
You asked for it and it's now here! Players can set up their potions of all different kinds to automatically activate when a certain condition is met, such as a HP threshold.

Cash Item Shop
A beta version of the Cash Item Shop is out now. A blog post with more details on this will be coming before open beta launch.


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