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Ver 0.2 Update Notes

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Ver 0.2 Update Notes Empty Ver 0.2 Update Notes

Post by Admin Sat Jun 26, 2021 2:39 am

Hey all.

A small update is scheduled for June 29 and here are some of the changes we can expect.

Class Balance Changes
Formidable: Unlocked at level 6, instead of 5. Max SP increased from 8 to 10. Charge cooldown scaling reduced in line with max SP increase.
Heavy Slash: Max level base damage per hit increased from 80 to 88.

Starforce no longer increases healing received from potions and other items. Increased healing from other players remains.

Piercing Drive: Max level base damage per hit reduced from 97 to 88.
Calamitous: Max level base damage per hit reduced from 63 to 58. Stun effects remain the same. Lock out time following use eliminated.
Forward: Unlocked at character creation, instead of level 4. Cooldown now reduced with higher SP. Max level damage output boost increased from 15% to 22%.

Quality of life changes to some skill animations.

The devs are carefully analyzing in-game stats and perusing feedback received from players and will continue to make adjustments to classes as time goes on. The consensus from the first week of open beta was that the Fighter class was dominating combat in early game with high damage output along with excellent sustain, and that a bit of a rework was needed.


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